iksvy art - About Us

Iksvy art is an independent initiative and platform for artists and art professionals to connect and be part of future art projects. Through these collaborative, interdisciplinary projects, a weekly podcast, and public talks, we’re working to bring to light new approaches to the arts in Eastern Europe. Both for those involved in the arts, as well as the public perception.

Though we are working with individuals/organizations on a global scale, as previously mentioned, our focus area is the neglected and divided art scene of Eastern Europe. We aim to connect local artists to each other, and the rest of the globe, while simultaneously presenting the region as a source of inspiration and a common ground for everyone.

Through our podcast, iksvy art talks, we’re providing a platform for these creative minds to not only tell their stories but to provide inspiration and insight to others worldwide through their experiences. Locally we’re working with several galleries to provide public talks, further educating and involving the community, while cultivating an appreciation for the arts in the process.

Additionally, we’re utilizing the podcast and the platform it provides to showcase some of the best artists in the region and their artwork on an online gallery. All of the information on the artists that we and our affiliates work with will be gathered into a database for future historical records. A living archive, if you will.

Our goals are:

  • To provide a platform to introduce local artists and art to a global audience
  • Building a database for the regional art, artists and art professionals
  • Creating regional interdisciplinary art projects to connect artists and cultures to each other
  • Providing a safe environment for everyone who wants to talk or brainstorm about new art and cultural projects or issues

We're open to new collaborations!

If you have an idea or would like more info on what we do, contact us via email at info@iksvyart.com