Iksvy art is an initiative focused on supporting the arts in Eastern Europe through interdisciplinary art projects.

De Structura

We are collaborating with De Structura on their two-year, cross-border collaborative project which – through research, discourse, and creative work – will unearth and challenge the dominant paradigms and structures of European art worlds. Our collaboration with De Structura will be in the scope of curatorial sessions with groups of young art professionals on “Fair practices & transparency on artistic fees” and “Practicing good mental health in arts”.

Subtropic Fantasy

This is an exhibition introducing Montemero Art Residency, a project researching environmental issues and alternative materials for art production. We hope to bring some attention not only to climate change, but also to prevalent local environmental issues in Belgrade and all of Serbia.

Collective Journaling and Curatorial Round Tables

This project is designed to create a curatorial round table and ourselves. Every week one participant will ask their questions to delve into each other’s thoughts and create a form of conversation that we all listen to instead of forcing someone to accept/underst and our perception.

Cooltzine vol.3 Simultaneous Exhibition and Online Conference 2020

On the 30th of May, Cooltsalon and co-curator iksvy art united several cities in Cooltzine vol.3; Changes. Participating cities this year included Sofia, Belgrade, Novi Sad, London, Vienna, Berlin and Paris with speakers joining relevant panel discussions, but without hosting venues due to reformatting of the event as purely digital, in line with the health and safety regulations surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Curatorial Sessions

During the pandemic, iksvy art gave weekly curatorial sessions via Skype with international artists, curators, organizers, and anyone in the creative industries. Discussions ranged from portfolio/CV reviews, to brainstorming about current projects and other miscellaneous topics.

No.7 Wild Residency in Istanbul

In partnership with Residency No.7 in Istanbul, iksvy art was entrusted with choosing an artist to be the last artist-in-residence in No.7, and to explore gentrification through art. For this one-time project, we have chosen Clément Bedel, an artist currently based in Belgrade.