Collective Journaling and Curatorial Round Tables

Jess Cross, Fused


This project is designed to create a curatorial round table and collectively journal to get to know each other and ourselves. Every week one participant will ask their questions to delve into each other’s thoughts and create a form of conversation that we all listen to instead of forcing someone to accept/understand our perception. This is an easy-going and mind-opening exercise rather than something self-demonstrating and competitive. Thus, the questions can be abstract, art-related, witty, or casual. Together, we will seek our individuality; explore others’ personal and cultural standpoints, and be part of a subconscious journey.

The participants of this project originally got together under Montemero Art Residency and would have a collective identity after the residence, despite the fact that some of us would likely never meet with the others in the physical space. This is why the concept of “residence” and the collective identity that comes with it will be examined from an intimate perspective. The first session will start with participants introducing themselves for the first time, and the question-answers will be published the following week.


Ada Zielinska, Eeva- Liisa Puhakka, Jess Cross,
Nadia Petković, Petra Martinez, and Zeren Oruc

Edited and coordinated by Hatice Gülseroğlu

To read our journal sessions, click HERE


Photo by Eeva- Liisa Puhakka©