Cooltzine vol.2 Simultaneous Exhibition 2019: Sofia, Belgrade, London

Photo credit: Radmila Jeremić© 2 19


On the 18th of May, 2019, three cities explored together the idea of a shared space by taking part in Cooltsalon’s international collaboration project, which manifested in a one-day exhibition event, happening simultaneously across three time zones. The event was designed to give hosting partners an opportunity to showcase their premises to an overseas network, and featured a live “video conference” supported by CISCO technologies.

In times of political uncertainty across Europe and the UK, the 2019 edition explored “Shared Space”, as understood by creative practitioners around the world. Further dissecting ‘shared space’, its implications and global vs local, Cooltsalon offered attendees and hosting partners in Belgrade, London and Sofia a unifying exhibition content by displaying same video pieces in all 3 locations.

Following up on Cooltsalon’s invitation, iksvy art co-curated the Serbian edition, introducing audiences to the founders of Papergirl Galerija Hub, art historian Ljiljana Radosevićž and Iva Čukić urban planner & co-founder of the Ministarstvo prostora (Collective Ministry of Space) NGO, of Street Gallery.

More information regarding the event and participants can be found here.


Cooltsalon is a platform for ideas and creativity exchange in urban context, which originated in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2014 with a series of “1-week-only” site-specific exhibitions. Over the years, Cooltsalon’s mission has grown into giving exposure to individual voices hidden behind the collective city life. These opportunities were presented through a variety of events – from guided walks to meet local creative businesses to site-specific exhibitions with international artists. Cooltsalon currently operates on three levels: exposure platform, creative network, arts & cross-disciplinary events curator.


Photo by Radmila Jeremic © 2019