De Structura


We are collaborating with De Structura on their two-year, cross-border collaborative project which – through research, discourse, and creative work – will unearth and challenge the dominant paradigms and structures of European art worlds.

The project will gather 150 young aspiring professionals in the fields of visual and performing arts. They will join the project from different countries of the European continent to communicate with experts and their peers to realize 20 cross-border projects and discover the institutional politics of art.

Our collaboration with De Structura will be in the scope of curatorial sessions with groups of young art professionals on “Fair practices & transparency on artistic fees” and “Practicing good mental health in arts”. These sessions are designed to address the issues around inequalities between countries/individuals in this global sector, the lack of transparency on artistic fees, and the mental challenges that come from working in an underpaid and competitive sector. By discussing these topics, we will brainstorm how to advocate for ourselves, and build tools and guides to create a transparent and fair work environment to create solidarity among each other.

The sessions will be delivered by iksvy art’s founder independent curator Zeren Oruc.


DE STRUCTURA is a multidimensional European initiative that strives to create more opportunities for young people in the art sector. Starting a career as a cultural professional, one usually faces a large number of obstacles. Low salaries, unpaid starting positions, closed professional networks and low levels of opportunities on the local level are just some of them. These problems have been studied by researchers and are acknowledged by the European Union. But they still stand. De Structura is here to facilitate change.

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