Montemero Art Residency

Photo credit: Zeren Oruc© 2 19


Montemero Art Residency is a collaborative project, curated/organized by iksvy art and hosted by Finca Montemero on the east coast of Spain. We are dedicated to sustainable ecology and alternative art production. We believe that the experience of living and creating in a different context has to be facilitated through collaboration and exchange. Thus, we opened our facilities to artists for them to network and collaborate with professionals from other fields.

Our programme offers a fully-equipped printmaking studio, and other open spaces that are suitable for a variety of creative practices (from visual to performing arts and anything in between). Being located on a biological reserve near the Tabernas Desert, the location offers a unique perspective that aims to cultivate the personal connection with nature and how it functions, while further expanding the idea of eco-living. With minimal external interference, artists-in-residence have the opportunity to focus on themselves and their work in a way that more densely populated areas are unable to provide. The residency is open to people of all ages and backgrounds, and we welcome all those who are looking for space and time to explore new forms of interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration.


Finca Montemero was established as a biological reserve and art studio by German artist Wolfgang Simon, who lived in Andalusia and dedicated his life to the conservation of this land.

Since 2018, Finca Montemero is run as a cooperative. It is available for all creatives under the conclusion that each expertise is necessary in generating a solution for the local environment and especially the sea. The input ranges from expert advice to management of entire projects, highlighting the fact that each project requires collaboration from many backgrounds to build a strong solution.