Montemero Art Residency: Open Call

Photo credit: Finca Montemero© 2019


Montemero Art Residency is an experimental educational programme with a focus on eco-art. Curated by iksvy art and hosted by Finca Montemero on the east coast of Spain, we offer workshops introducing alternative materials and methods to incorporate nature into diverse art practices. Through this and various forms of interconnectivity, we will be creating site-specific eco-art projects.

The programme offers open spaces, interdisciplinary round tables, and workshops. Designed to expand our understanding of nature and recreation, these will also build and improve new/existing skillsets. Accordingly, the residency is open to people of all ages and backgrounds who are looking for time and space to explore new forms of interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration.

Creating an eco-art piece requires a knowledge of the area and collaboration of various disciplines, which may take several years to develop. To enable this process through a month-long programme, this residency will provide the expertise of subject-specific professionals and necessary facilities/materials. 

Each year, iksvy art will reserve a slot in the educational programme for a guest artist from Eastern European countries. This is in accordance with our mission statement to support the arts in Eastern Europe. More information can be found on the “about” page.

>> Open Call for the 1st edition <<

Residency date: September 2019

Deadline: 17/07/2019


Finca Montemero was the former atelier of German artist Wolfgang Simon, who lived in Andalusia and dedicated his life to the conservation of this land. Nowadays, with a dedication to sustainable ecological and socio-cultural development, Montemero is a registered non-profit organization. They have hosted many artists throughout the years and built a common purpose; the recreation of the area.

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