No.7 Wild Residency in Istanbul

Photo credit: Zeren Oruc© 2 2


No.7 is a collective sharing an apartment (no.7) as a studio and cultural space in the heart of Istanbul. The building has been used with this purpose for 2 years by its 7 residents who are all coming from different artistic backgrounds. A small part of the building was turned into an art residency as a hub to meet with other artists and create cross-cultural communication.

In 2018, their tranquility was interrupted with a demolition order of the building due to the Galata Port Project and the gentrification came with it. After receiving the bad news, the collective took a break from their residency practice to focus on the last days of No.7.

After our meetings with the collective, we decided to collaborate in order to remark on the unique environment of the residency and its last days. As a result, iksvy art was entrusted with choosing an artist to be the last artist-in-residence in No.7, and to explore gentrification through art. Meanwhile, the artist’s accommodation and studio space are fully-covered by No.7 free of charge.

For this one-time project, we have chosen Clément Bedel, an artist currently based in Belgrade. His work often explores consumerism, gentrification, ab andoned places, and environmental issues that come with urbanization. With this exchange project, he will have a chance to live and work in an environment that he has been depicting in his paintings.

This project is supported by European Cultural Foundation.