Curatorial Sessions

Estefanía Valls Urquijo – Nests

We know the entire art world has been struggling every day as more events are canceled, studios closed, and people are experiencing existential crises. This period will come to an end, but until then we need to keep the ball rolling, exchange ideas, brainstorm, and motivate each other.

In doing our part, iksvy art will give curatorial sessions to one artist each and every week. All artists, curators, organizers, and anyone in the creative industries are invited to take part! The weekly online curatorial sessions will be held over Skype. During the sessions, artists had the opportunity for a portfolio/CV review, brainstorming about their projects, or talking about anything of their choice.

Participants: Estefanía Valls Urquijo, Katie Taylor, Charlotte Cullen, Sève Favre, Nina Paiva, Camila Lobos Díaz, Diane Feng, Arit Emmanuela Etukudo, Judy Sanchez, Louise Beer, Kio Griffith, Giovana Birck, Adrienn Újházi, Nađa Kračunović

More information about the participants can be found on our social media pages:

Though the free sessions associated with the pandemic have concluded, curatorial sessions are still available per request for a fee.

To request, please send your portfolio file to


Katie Taylor

Camila Lobos

Sève Favre