Subtropic Fantasy
Poseidonia oceanica

Photo by Lidija Antonović


This is an exhibition introducing Montemero Art Residency, a project researching environmental issues and alternative materials for art production. The project started after receiving an offer from Finca Montemero to revitalize late artist Wolfgang Simon’s studio in Andalusia. Utilizing the expertise of Finca Montemero on ecology and recycling, the project evolved around eco-art and alternative art production.

We opened the first season of the residency with an experimental educational program in which we invited two artists from Serbia who were working with alternative materials, and selected two artists through an international open call. During the month-long residency, artists created individual works as well as collaborative works through workshops designed by the invited artists. These works were exhibited in one of our caves, as an alternative exhibition space. The next year, we hosted 7 artists from all around Europe and produced different projects with each one of them.

As this year remarks itself with natural disasters – mostly induced by human intervention – we focus on climate change and its visible effects in our area, along with alternative artistic materials that could bring sustainability into art practices. By doing so, we hope to bring some attention not only to climate change, but also to prevalent local environmental issues in Belgrade and all of Serbia, such as air pollution, waste management, and lack of recycling/upcycling.


Jovana Banović, Marielle Gonier, Jordi Jon PardoAusteja PlatukyteAdrienn ÚjháziNadia Petković

Curated by Zeren Oruc

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