29th Istanbul Art Fair

Photo credit: Ali Arif Soydaş ©


At the recommendation of art consultant and gallerist, Umit Iyem, iksvy art was invited to take part in the 29th Istanbul Art Fair to represent a selection of artists based in Eastern European countries. In order to introduce a wide range of styles and new materials to the local scene, a number of artists were selected.

Adrienn Újházi’s kombucha scoby based artworks, Anthony Brooks’ paintings on found materials, Nikola Kosić’s oil portraits on h andmade paper, and Margarita Ieva Loze’s animated drawings were curated and exhibited by Zeren Oruc. Lasting from the 2nd to the 10th of November, the fair was visited by over 600 thous and people, providing a splendid opportunity to organize guided exhibition tours and introduce our artists to broader audience; from school groups to reputable and established artists.

Adrienn Újházi – Behance
Anthony Brooks – Website
Margarita Ieva Loze – Website
Nikola Kosić – Website

Photos by Ali Arif Soydaş